Authentic. Italian.

Italian imported ingredients. Fresh fruits. Artisanal methods. No artificial powders or syrups. Just some of the finest gelatos and sorbettos in the world…


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More than thirty handcrafted batches of gelato and sorbetto, including a selection or two from our seasonal rotation of flavors. Ask our crew for popular pairings (as many as can fit into your cup!) or develop your own combination via rigorous sampling.

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What is Gelato?

What is sorbetto? How does gelato differ from ice cream? Is it healthy? What kinds of ingredients do you use?

Find answers to life’s most puzzling questions (concerning gelato).

Authentic. Italian.

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Coconut Gelato

Our sweet Italian cream base infused with real toasted coconut. Insiders and serious Yelp-ers recommend pairing with gianduia (milk chocolate hazelnut).

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